Latest Top Android Cricket Games Apk Download of the Year

Latest Top Android Cricket Games Apk Download of the Year as we have many slimier latest new cricket games. In this busy world, everyone wants some kind of rest, fun and adventure. If you play a game under such circumstances.

It is the best solution to give a fresh feeling after work and learning. People went out and found days to play games or had to buy board games.

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Latest Cricket Games 4 Android

With the ever-increasing trend of smartphones and massive data bundles, people tend to play games on smartphones, especially for the best cricket games for Android. However, many people do not have time to go out and play cricket in Pitch. Now, with the ongoing development of smartphones, it gets very popular with the top Google Play stores, the top game developers.

However, there is a problem with the Play Store that you can not enjoy most of the best games without an internet connection. Instead, players can limit their work in countries that are impacting the gaming experience and looking for fast Internet connections. One can easily get a good cricket game under 100MB to make sure your device is not overloaded.

Those who do not want to waste money on games can get free cricket games 4 Android. Team Phone World decided to look at world love for cricket and discuss the android cricket games on Android. You can enjoy cricket game easily and funly. Most of the games mentioned below are free.

World Cricket Championship 2

The reason this game is offered in the best slots is because it is the most famous game that cricket enthusiasts love. It is the most famous game and does not require an introduction. Its popularity is apparently shown to be downloaded about 50 million times. It has very powerful graphics. World Cricket Championship 2 Apk, offers 18 international teams and 10 national teams. This is one of the stick cricket games with rules and regulations.
Download link here

Big Bash Cricket

It is one of the easiest and modern cricket games available in PlayStation. But it gives you a great time killing your experience. Big Bash cricket should be swiped to get the game right. If you swap, you can hit it with another swipe. Since it is so easy, after a while this game will make you addictive and you will not be able to leave it. The only drawback with this game is too much advertising.
The Big Bash Cricket Apk differentiates itself from other game apps in that it is developed in such a way that all scenes can be played like a Real Cricket Apk, there are also three modes to choose from: Quick match, Tournament and challenge. You can download the Big Bash cricket by clicking on the highlighted link.
Download link here

Cricket World Cup fever Apk

The World Cup heat is a real term that can easily describe the love of cricket players, especially in the World Cup, and is considered the most important event every year. Cricket Worldcup Fever is the most passionate cricket gaming app for Android phones. The game follows international rules and is compatible with almost any device. Cricket World Cup craze is backed by good graphics and decent music. This is somewhat like a real cricket game.
With this Android game you can choose your favorite cricket team and play in four exciting modes: Quick Match, PowerPlay, World Cup and turn-based "Pass-N-Play" mode. You can play your own game with teams like Vivo IPL Apk, so if you are one of the people who want to hit you, you will love this game. Cricket World Cup fever can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted name of the game.
Download link here

ICC Pro Cricket Apk

This Android was launched in 2015 and has more than 5 million users in less time. So from this point on, this game has gained tremendous popularity, which takes a lot of time due to its exciting features. ICC Pro Cricket is the first game with real simulation and card management capabilities.
The Cricket World game latest version available that's why we put this game cricket games, the game has three modes: ICC Cricket World Cup tournament 2019, World Tour mode and Quick Match mode.
The best thing about Android games is that they have all 14 teams with real player names in the 1CC Cricket Championship in 2015. This means that you can select the player of your choice through this game. With motion graphics, you can experience real cricket, games 4 Android.
Download link here

Stick cricket 2 Apk

It is also a popular cricket game for cricket lovers. You can choose from 6 modes through this game. It has stunning graphics and is easy to play. This game can be downloaded for free, but I believe it is worth it to pay for the next step in the future. This game has very good graphics and makes you feel that you are part of it because of the inner atmosphere. It has some exciting features that are not available in other free versions, so try it out before you reach a conclusion.
Download link here

Hit Cricket Apk

Hit Cricket is a bit as same as Don Bradman Cricket 17, in this game the player creates his own cricket team. The most interesting thing about this game is that you can buy players at an auction, sell your players in cash, play tournaments, leagues, regular games and compete with players from all over the world. In this Android cricket game, you have to choose the right 11 according to the game and the best strategy according to the opponent.

For example, an aggressive or normal or defensive attack. This game is much closer to real and real games. To play hit cricket on Android, click the link below to download.

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